In partnership with our diverse community, Bethesda House provides inclusive, secure emergency shelter, outreach services, woman-centered advocacy, prevention, education, and other supports to women and their children, empowering them to overcome the fear and oppression resulting from all forms of gender-based violence and abuse.
A safe and inclusive community, free from all forms of gender-based violence and abuse.
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House with Keys


Strategic Direction 1: Exemplary Agency Leadership

Bethesda House demonstrates agency leadership within the community and social services sector and is a strong advocate for eliminating gender-based violence. We uphold this agency leadership by working with community partners, the region and the province.


  • 1) Foster a culture of transparency and communication within the agency and with the community, ensuring that stakeholders are informed about key decisions, policies, and strategic initiatives.
  • 2) Conduct regular performance evaluations for agency leadership by providing constructive feedback and identifying opportunities for professional development and succession planning.
  • 3) Foster a diverse and inclusive leadership team that reflects the community.
  • 4) Engage in strategic partnerships and collaborations with external organizations to stay informed about industry best practices and to strengthen the agency's overall leadership capabilities.
  • 5) Advocate to all levels of government for increased awareness, funding and support, in alignment with the Clarington Council declaring Intimate Partner Violence as an epidemic.

Strategic Direction 2: Direct Service Provision and Programs

Bethesda House delivers timely, responsive, and evidence-based direct service provision and programming. We acknowledge and respond to the diverse needs of all members of the community in collaboration with our partners.


  • 1) Foster a trauma-informed approach to service delivery and programs.
  • 2) Assess the effectiveness of direct services and programs through continuous monitoring to ensure they meet the evolving needs of women, youth, and children impacted by gender-based violence.
  • 3) Utilize innovative technologies and communication to enhance the reach, accessibility, responsiveness and impact of direct services and programs.

Strategic Direction 3: Strong Community Relationships

Bethesda House leads and collaborates with the community to eliminate gender-based violence. Our community partners, local businesses, organizations, and residents of Durham Region, all contribute substantially to the overall success of Bethesda House.


  • 1) Host events to raise awareness, foster community engagement, and create a supportive network for individuals affected by gender based violence.
  • 2) Cultivate strategic partnerships by actively engaging with partnering organizations to align goals, share resources, and enhance the collective impact on addressing gender-based violence.
  • 3) Provide community advocacy, prevention, and education on gender-based violence.
  • 4) Develop and strengthen partnerships with local educational institutions, healthcare providers, and employment agencies to create comprehensive support networks that address the holistic needs of women, youth, and children on their journey towards safety and empowerment.

    Strategic Direction 4: Financial Viability

    We are committed to transparent and responsible fiscal management.

  • 1) Continue to partner with the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services (MCCSS) to maximize funding opportunities.
  • 2) Maintain a positive agency profile in the community to maximize contributions.
  • 3) Focus on strategies to maximize revenue through new partnerships, grant opportunities, or fundraising activities.

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Bethesda House welcomes and encourages applications from, and provides equal student opportunities to, male and female students, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities. Accommodation will be provided for students with disabilities upon request and if at all possible. Bethesda House is an LGBTQ positive space.